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Health Care services, Doctors, Hospitals Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio, Quepos Massage and Spa Manuel Antonio, Quepos, Costa Rica

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  1. Acupuncture Escazu (San Jose) Tel.8352-0661 Website ( Clicks) Dr.Eugene Mc.Donald Acupuncture physician. Auriculotherapy. Treatable disorders include stress, anxiety, arthritis, migraine & more
  2. Acupuncture Quepos Tel.2777-2949, 8379-3179 Prof.Hung Chan Traditional Chinese Therapy. Acupuncture, Oriental massage, homeopathy. Every 2 weeks in San Jose
  3. Age Calculator Website ( Clicks) RealAge Compare the age of your body with your real calendar age
  4. Back Pain Treatment Escazu Tel.2208-8098 Website ( Clicks) Spinal Decompression Center at Cima Hospital
  5. Centro Medico Manuel Antonio Tel.2777-2422, 8367-7256 Located in front of soccer field, next to the drugstore
  6. Chiropractor Pavas (San Jose) Tel.2291-0850, 2231-1668 Dr.David Chien Also specialized in Chinese medicine
  7. Chiropractor Quepos Tel.2777-2250, 2777-5327 Constant Boshoff Please call for appointments
  8. Chiropractor Quepos Tel.2777-2949, 8379-3179 Prof.Hung Chan Traditional Chinese therapy. Acupuncture, Oriental massage, Homeopathy, Chiropractor
  9. Cosmetic Dentistry San Jose Tel.2291-0525 Dr.Adriana Seas Cosmetic dental care and whitening center
  10. Cosmetic Dentistry San Jose Tel.2221-6563 Dra.Ana Paniagua C. Implants and oral surgery. Ultrasonic cleaning
  11. Cosmetic Surgery San Jose Tel.2223-9933 Clinica Rosenstock Lieberman. Face-lifts, botox, hair transplant, etc
  12. Dental Implants Costa Rica Tel.2232-0105, 2203-4747 Dr.Arnoldo Anglada Offices in La Sabana, Santa Ana
  13. Dentist Alajuela Tel.2433-2330 Miguel Slooten Open: Mon-Fri 8am-6.30pm, Saturday 8am-1pm. Speaks Spanish, English, Dutch
  14. Dentists Dentavac Costa Rica Tel.2288-5959, 8871-9801 Website ( Clicks) Old road Escazu - Santa Ana. Popular with foreigners in Costa Rica. Email: dentist at
  15. Depression Treatment Costa Rica Tel.2208-8218, 2208-8268 Website ( Clicks) Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Non-invasive treatment for depression and other neuropsychiatric conditions
  16. Disease Prevention Europe Website ( Clicks) European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
  17. DNA-Profile Get Yours! Website ( Clicks) Scan over 1 million variants in your genome. Calculate genetic risk for 23 diseases. Find out where your ancestors came from.
  18. Gynocologist Escazu Tel.2208-1209 Dr.Andreas Rauff Cieslak Cima Hospital, 2nd Floor, Consultorio 9 Ginecologia, Obstetricia, Laparoscopia, Histeroscopia
  19. Health Communities Website ( Clicks) imedix Communities around health issues, sharing health news and research health information
  20. Health Insurance Bupa Tel.USA 305-398-7400 Website ( Clicks) International Health Insurance company specialized in Latin America
  21. Health Insurance IHI Denmark Website ( Clicks) One of the World's best health insurance for expats
  22. Hearing Solutions San Jose Tel.2290-5239, 8892-4588 Clinic Audina in Rohrmoser, Moravia, San Francisco
  23. Homeopathy Quepos Tel.2777-2949, 8379-3179 Prof.Hung Chan Traditional Chinese Therapy. Acupuncture, Oriental massage, Homeopathy, Chiropractor
  24. Hospital Escazu Tel.2208-1000 Website ( Clicks) Cima Hospital Private hospital nearby Pricesmart and Multiplaza Escazu Overpriced, good quality, good service.
  25. Hospital Guadalupe Tel.2246-3000, 2246-3117 Website ( Clicks) Hospital Hotel La Catolica Private hospital northeast of San Jose Center. Email: catolica at View Map View Video
  26. Hospital Quepos Tel.2777-0922 Located between Quepos center and Quepos airport, 300 meters from airport
  27. Hospital San Jose Tel.2522-1000 Website ( Clicks) Clinica Biblica The Best Reasonable prices, high quality, great service Avenidas 14-16. Private hospital
  28. Hospital comparison Costa Rica Website ( Clicks) Compare the treatment prices of Clinica Biblica San Jose and Cima Hospital Escazu
  29. Hospitals Worldwide Website ( Clicks) Non-US hospitals accredited by the US Government for delivering high-quality medical care. Incl.2 Costa Rica hospitals
  30. Massage Manuel Antonio Tel.2777-2880 Website ( Clicks) Raindrop Spa Located on Manuel Antonio Estate. Beautiful spa, massage View Map 10% DISCOUNT
  31. Medical Checkups San Jose Tel.2522-1000 ext.2068 Website ( Clicks) For your (yearly) medical checkup. Takes 7-8 hours
  32. Medical Concierge Costa Rica Tel.2433-1280 Our bilingual concierge finds the right medical specialists for you, makes doctor's appointments, arranges transfers and accommodation
  33. Medical Services PCG Escazu Tel.2208-8601, 2208-8605 Cima Hospital Tower 2, 6th floor. General Physician, Internal Medicine, Geriatric, Psychiatric, Psychologist + more
  34. Medical Tourism Costa Rica Tel.2235-5475 Website ( Clicks) Costa Rican Medical Integral medical solutions for foreign patients coming to Costa Rica. USA 1-888-234-7198 Email: tourism at
  35. Medical Tourism Costa Rica Website ( Clicks) Promotional video about Hospital La Catolica, Guadalupe, San Jose showing the quality of Costa Rica's private hospitals
  36. Medical Tourism Costa Rica Website ( Clicks) ProMed Official board for promotion and quality assurance of the Costa Rican health care industry
  37. Medical Tourism Nicaragua Tel.(505)255-6900 Website ( Clicks) Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas Private hospital. USA 1-305-396-2351
  38. Medical Tourism Worldwide Tel.USA 1-888-691-4584 Website ( Clicks) Healthbase Medical tourism company for North Americans, Europeans and others offering low-cost medical services Worldwide
  39. Medical Tourism Worldwide Tel.USA 1-800-565-3901 Website ( Clicks) PreviMed Medical tourism company offering (low-cost) medical services in many countries worldwide
  40. Medical Tourism Worldwide Tel.USA 1-866-540-3382 Website ( Clicks) Medical Value Safe medical services at U.S. managed, internationally accredited, private hospitals at affordable prices
  41. Medical Tourism Compare Countries Website ( Clicks) Check the costs of the treatment you need in many countries Worldwide
  42. Ophthalmologist San Jose Dr. Federico Trejos Eye specialist. WARNING: May cancel appointments on day of appointment!
  43. Ophthalmologist San Jose Tel.2522-1000 Dr. Daniel Mora Speaks Spanish, English. Specialized in laser treatments
  44. Orthopaedic Surgery San Jose Tel.2208-1304, 8384-1824 Dr.David Aizenman Knee surgery, arthroscopy, sport injuries, fractures
  45. Overweight or not? Website ( Clicks) Body Mass Index Calculator Are you Overweight, Underweight or Normal. Check this simple BMI Calculator
  46. Paramedic Service Quepos Tel.2777-1632 24/7 Paramedical Services
  47. Pharmacy Catedral Quepos Tel.2777-0527 Opposite the Quepos central bus station
  48. Pharmacy La Economica Manuel Antonio Tel.2777-3212 Opposite the Manuel Antonio soccer field
  49. Pharmacy Quepos Quepos Tel.2777-0038 Located on the Quepos beachfront boulevard, 1 block from Hotel Kamuk
  50. Prostate Treatment Escazu Tel.2208-1716, 2208-8404 Website ( Clicks) Green Light Laser surgery treats problems resulting from benigm prostate growth. Dr.Arieh Grunhaus or Dr.Carlos Calvosa in Cima Hospital
  51. Psychiatrist San Jose Tel.2224-6176 Dr.Steven Kogel General psychiatry, depressions, addictions
  52. Reflexologia San Carlos Tel.8820-7158 Carmen Blanco Highly recommended foot reflex therapist. Will visit you in your home or hotel in San Jose area.
  53. Spa Manuel Antonio Tel.2777-2880 Website ( Clicks) Raindrop Spa Located in Manuel Antonio Estate. Beautiful spa 10% DISCOUNT
  54. Veterinarian Quepos Tel.2777-2026 Dr.A.Martinez The Best in Quepos
  55. Veterinarian Quepos Tel.2777-3611 Dr.J.Garcia
  56. World Health Organization Website ( Clicks) Home page of the World Health Organization

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