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Help Lines and Emergency Numbers in Manuel Antonio, Quepos, Costa Rica

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  1. 8-digit Phone Numbers Costa Rica Add a 2 before 7-digit numbers starting with 2, 4, 5, 6 or 7 Add a 8 before 7-digit numbers starting with 3 or 8
  2. Aguinaldo Costa Rica Extra payment for employees during the first 3 weeks of December. Must be equal to the base salary, commission, bonus plus overtime hours of an average month
  3. Alcoholics Anonymous Quepos Tel.2777-1548
  4. Amex Card lost/stolen? San Jose Tel.2295-9494 Call this number when your American Express Card is lost/stolen
  5. Assoc.Foreign residents Costa Rica Tel.2233-8068, 2221-2053 Website ( Clicks) Helping the foreign community in Costa Rica since 1986
  6. Camara de Comercio Quepos Tel.2777-0749 Website ( Clicks) Chamber of Commerce for Quepos area
  7. Capitania de Puerto Quepos Tel.2777-1885
  8. Catholic Church Quepos Tel.2777-0230
  9. Chat Room Costa Rica Website ( Clicks) Live text chat with other visitors of this site. Or answer questions posted by earlier visitors
  10. Coast Guard Quepos Tel.2777-1386
  11. Costa Rica local time Website ( Clicks) Local time in Costa Rica right now. Synchronize your computer clock with the atomic clock
  12. Costa Rica weather Website ( Clicks) Current weather plus forecast for most important cities in Costa Rica
  13. Crime Prevention with DNA Coding Website ( Clicks) DNA forensic property marking with spray, grease and gel
  14. Customs Office San Jose Airport Tel.2440-0274
  15. Diners Club Card lost? Tel.2257-7878 Call this number when your Diners Club Card is lost/stolen
  16. Earthquakes Costa Rica Website ( Clicks) If you think you felt an earthquake, you can check it on this list of recent eartquakes Worldwide
  17. Embassy Belgium San Jose Tel.2225-6255
  18. Embassy Canada San Jose Tel.2242-4400
  19. Embassy France San Jose Tel.2225-0733
  20. Embassy Germany San Jose Tel.2232-5533
  21. Embassy Italy San Jose Tel.2234-2326
  22. Embassy Netherlands San Jose Tel.2296-1490 Website ( Clicks) Open: Monday thru Thursday 9am - 12noon. Wed.9am-3pm. Fridays closed View Map
  23. Embassy Nicaragua San Jose Tel.2233-8747
  24. Embassy Spain San Jose Tel.2222-1933
  25. Embassy Sweden San Jose Tel.2232-8549
  26. Embassy Switzerland San Jose Tel.2221-4829
  27. Embassy United Kingdom San Jose Tel.2258-2025
  28. Embassy USA San Jose Tel.2519-2000 Website ( Clicks)
  29. Emergency Number Costa Rica Tel.911 Emergency number for police, fire and hospitals
  30. Fire Department Quepos Tel.2777-0308
  31. Fire Emergencies Costa Rica Tel.118
  32. Grupo Manuel Antonio Tel.2777-2222, 8361-3444 Website ( Clicks) Association of tourism-related businesses in Manuel Antonio/Quepos area
  33. Guardacostas Quepos Tel.2777-0386
  34. Highway Patrol Costa Rica Tel.2222-9330, 2222-9245
  35. ICE Emergency Electric Tel.126
  36. ICE Emergency Telephone Tel.119
  37. Immigration Quepos Tel.2777-0150
  38. Immigration Head Office San Jose Tel.900-123-4567 Website ( Clicks) For making appointments with Immigration Head Office in San Jose
  39. Internet services Costa Rica Website ( Clicks) Here you find all possibilities to connect to the Internet plus some Internet speedtests
  40. Making phone calls in Costa Rica All Costa Rica phone numbers have 8 digits. Landline phone numbers start with 2, mobile phone numbers start with 8. No area codes in Costa Rica. Costa Rica country code is 506 To call Costa Rica, dial international access code (011 or 00), then 506 plus 8 digits
  41. Mastercard lost/stolen? Tel.2257-0155 Call this number when your Mastercard is lost/stolen
  42. Migracion Quepos Tel.2777-0150
  43. Mosquito Sound Player Website ( Clicks) Young troublemakers around you? This program will make them move quickly
  44. Netherlands Club Costa Rica Website ( Clicks) (Dutch language) List of Dutch nationals and Dutch companies in Costa Rica plus interesting links for Dutch nationals
  45. OIJ Quepos Tel.2777-2511 Investigative police
  46. Ombudsman Costa Rica Tel.2258-8585 Website ( Clicks) Solving problems between Costa Rican citizens and private Costa Rican companies
  47. Police Station Quepos Tel.2777-0196
  48. Policia Quepos Tel.2777-0196
  49. Policia de transito Quepos Tel.2777-0329
  50. Post Office Quepos Tel.2777-1471
  51. Private Investigator Costa Rica Tel.8378-5668 Website ( Clicks) American-owned, full-time, dedicated private investigator office
  52. Public Library Quepos Tel.2777-2048
  53. Red Cross Costa Rica Tel.128 Red Cross Emergency Number
  54. Red Cross Quepos Tel.2777-0118 For non-emergencies
  55. Relocation Service Costa Rica Tel.2446-8646, 8393-3620 Also real estate services, tourist services, interpreter
  56. Right to use a gun in Costa Rica Victims may use deadly force on 3 conditions: 1) Imminent attack on a person (no goods!) without provocation (Example: Attacker shoots first), 2) No other options to prevent attack. 3) No excessive force is used. It's illegal to fire on an attacker running away
  57. Shipping to Costa Rica Tel.2258-8747 Door-to-door shipping from the USA to Costa Rica. Household goods, commercial shipments, cars, boats, etc.
  58. Taxi Complaints Costa Rica Tel.800-TRANSITO Website ( Clicks) Mopt File here complaints about rip off fares, bad behaviour. Only use red taxis with yellow sign. Use meter!
  59. Traffic Accidents Costa Rica Tel.800-800-8000 Website ( Clicks) Call this number if you are involved in a traffic accident. INS Insurance Corp.
  60. Traffic fines Costa Rica Website ( Clicks) See Traffic fines on
  61. Traffic Police Quepos Tel.2777-0329
  62. US Voters Abroad Costa Rica Website ( Clicks) Registration site for US voters abroad
  63. Visa Card lost/stolen? Tel.2257-0155 Call this number when your Visa Card is lost/stolen
  64. Yellow Pages Website ( Clicks) Yellow Pages for Costa Rica
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